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2009 Publications

Ciairano, S., Kliewer, W., & Rabaglietti, E. (2009). Adolescent risk behavior in Italy and the

       Netherlands: A cross-national study of psychosocial protective factors. European

       Psychologist, 14, 180-192.


Corona, R., Gonzalez, T., Cohen, R., Edwards, C., & Edmonds, T. (2009). Richmond

       Latino needs assessment: A community-university partnership to identify health concerns

       and service needs for Latino youth. Journal of Community Health, 34, 195-201.


Corona, R., Turf, E.E., Corneille, M., Belgrave, F.Z., & Nasim, A. (2009). Risk and

       protective factors for tobacco use among 8th and 10th grade African American students

       in Virginia. Preventing Chronic Disease, 6, Article 45. Retrieved May 20, 2009 from


Conroy, M., Sutherland, K. S., Haydon, T., Stormont, M., & Harmon, J. (2009). Preventing

       and ameliorating young children’s chronic problem behaviors: An ecological classroom-

       based approach. Psychology in the Schools, 46, 3-17.


Conroy, M., Sutherland, K. S., Snyder, A. L., Al-Hendawi, M., & Vo, A. (2009). Creating a

       positive classroom atmosphere: Teacher’s use of effective praise and feedback.

       Beyond Behavior 18,18-26.


Cunningham, J.N., Kliewer, W., & Garner, P. (2009). Emotion socialization, child emotion

       understanding and regulation, and adjustment in urban African American families:

       Differential associations across child gender. Development and Psychopathology, 21,



Giannotta, F., Settanni, M., Kliewer, W., & Ciariano, S. (2009). Results of an Italian school-

       based expressive writing intervention trial focused on peer problems. Journal of

       Adolescence, 32, 1377-1389.


Kliewer, W. (2009). Family processes in drug use etiology. In L.M Scheier (Ed.), Handbook

       of Drug Use Etiology: Theory, Methods, and Empirical Findings. Washington, D.C.:

       American Psychological Association.


Kliewer, W., Reid-Quiñones, K., Shields, B.J., & Foutz, L. (2009). Multiple risk, emotion

       regulation skill, and cortisol in low-income African American youth: A prospective study.

       Journal of Black Psychology, 35, 24-43.


Masho, S. W., & Alvanzo (2009). A. Help-Seeking Behaviors of Men Sexual Assault

       Survivors. American Journal of Mens Health. 25 [Epub ahead of print].


Masho, S.W. & Anderson, L. (2009). Sexual assault in men: A population based study of

       Virginia. Journal of Victims and Violence, 24, 98-110.


Masho, S. W., & Matthews, L. (2009). Factors determining whether Ethiopian women

       support continuation of female genital mutilation. International Journal of Gynecology

       and Obstertircs; 107:232-5.


Miller, S., Gorman-Smith, D., Sullivan, T.N., Orpinas, P., & Simon, T. (2009). Parent and

       peer predictors of physical dating violence perpetration in early adolescence: Tests of

       moderation and gender differences. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent

       Psychology, 38(4), 538-550.


The Multisite Violence Prevention Project. (2009). The ecological effects of universal and

       selective violence prevention programs for middle school students: A randomized trial.

       Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 77, 526-542.


Nasim, A., Belgrave, F.Z., Corona, R., & Townsend, T.G. (2009). Predictors of alcohol and

      tobacco refusal efficacy among rural and urban African American adolescents. Journal of

      Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 18, 221-242.


Sutherland, K. S., & Farmer, T. W. (2009). Classroom contexts and problem behavior. In G.

      D. Sideridis & T. A. Citro,T. A. Best Practices in Learning Disabilities: Bridging the

      Gap between Research and Practice (pp. 1-16). Weston, MA: LDW.


Sutherland, K. S. & Thoma, C. A. (2009). Preventing school dropout by promoting increased

      engagement of students with disabilities. In Schulze, G., & Wittrock, M. (Eds.), Children

      at Risk in Family and School (pp. 291-308). Oldenburg, Germany. University of




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